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FIFA 15 TOTW 20 Package:Neymar, Sneijder, Klose included
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:42 am
Post subject: FIFA 15 TOTW 20 Package:Neymar, Sneijder, Klose included

[url=http://www.ufifa.co]http://www.ufifa.co[/url]The developers at EA Sports are delivering the regular Team of the Week package for all fans of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, allowing them to get access to a range of solidly performing players that can be used by any first eleven to improve its performance in the long term.

The biggest star included this week is Neymar, the Barcelona player who has been recently finding his rhythm in an attack formation that also features Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.The attacking line also includes Klose, who is continuing a good run despite his age, and McCormack.

The midfield that gamers can try to recreate is made up of four players: Feret, Sneijder, Kuyt and Pizzaro; and there are also three defenders coming to Ultimate Team: Clman, Moretti and Lustig.The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports is Diego Alves from Atletico Madrid, who will be tested tonight by Neymar when his team meets Barcelona.

As always, the Team of the Week package also includes the seven substitutes that the laws of football mandate, but most players who buy it will probably not even notice their presence.[url=http://www.gofifacoins.net]gofifacoins fifa 16 coins[/url]

Currently, EA Sports is focused on making sure that all the transfers that take place in the real world during the January window are also reflected in the football sim, with updates delivered almost daily.

Most of the activity will take place towards the end of the week and that means it might take a little while for all the changes to be introduced.The development team will also continue to deliver extra content, including tutorial videos for the community and more tournaments featuring players from major European teams.

The community has been asking EA Sports to introduce at least one new title update for FIFA 15, which is supposed to deal with issues like crossing and pace for some players, but it's unclear whether it will ever be implemented. [url=http://www.vipfifa14.co]fifa 16 coins[/url]
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