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This is a Final Fantasy XIV game
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Joined: 09 Dec 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:18 am
Post subject: This is a Final Fantasy XIV game

Tankbattle understands what Final Fantasy XIV games like Arma never will; how to convey the sheer futility of war. It does this by placing you, a single tank driver, in a sealed off area where the peaceful world you seek to save (apparently) is never permitted to intrude. It is merely you, four walls, and some hostile gun turrets, rather begging the question of a) who thought it was a good idea to place a base here, or b) what the hell the night shift was up to. It is not easy to put up huge honking gun turrets. Nor indeed, huge metal flippy things straight out of Robot Wars, capable of hurling your tank into oblivion should you be on top of them when they ascend in to the sky like a great big finger raised http://www.ffxivmall.com to God. The parable continues. What is your purpose? You'd think it would be to win the war, but no. The lack of narrative means that any battle that must be fought must be against yourself; internally. Every level is another step that you actively choose to take, even knowing that at any moment you could turn your back on the conflict and walk away... or possibly into another, better conflict. Either way, your only goal is a small sigil, representing the patriotism that drives us to answer the call of duty and titanfall alike, before returning to the womb-like origin point to resupply in terms of ammunition and spiritual fortitude and return to the cycle of life and death. When you reach the final levels, the Final Fantasy XIV game also has a tendency to break down, representing that even the greatest of us has a point beyond which we can go no further, and its name is Level 13. Few Final Fantasy XIV games dare to paint such a bleak picture of service and courage, though on the plus side it's pretty easy to get onto the high score table. This is a Final Fantasy XIV game that will make you think. Or at least, let you daydream. What more can we ask for? Perhaps better controls. Perhaps. RPG: Lost 'n Maze Eat it, Diablo. You may have your army of fans and your expansion packs and your online action and your millions upon millions of dollars. But you know what you'll never be? A Future Classic, that's what. That high honour is taken by this, your predecessor and apparently your better. Don't look at me. I didn't make the decision, I merely credulously report it, while sitting back and sipping my delicious glass of homeopathic orange squash. Lost 'n Maze is the epic underground adventure of a person lost 'n a maze who would like very much to get out of the maze, ideally with lots and lots of treasure to go and spend on cake. Unfortunately that won't happen, since the star of Diet Riot has confiscated it, but that's the problem with being trapped 'n a maze - you quickly fall behind on the news. What makes it particularly terrifying is the knowledge that should a monster attack, you're absolutely defenceless.
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