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I saw many people
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Joined: 09 Dec 2014
Posts: 77

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:17 am
Post subject: I saw many people

This time there will be changes in the numbers of thousands. For most of the civilian players like clusters of energy panel 1000-1700, in 1800 was very difficult for him, so I think that !!!!!!! Force intelligence, not the slightest possible, no need to get too high !!!!! (Valid only for players civilians) and 70 at the end of the day what we should Pile? The answer is 3. The current number of skills, skill level, critical, etc. versions, we are hit with a large power output, there is no color very much and learn more necessary skills, such as red-eye before second modification of the skills, capabilities colorless production with anger, and the collapse of a large, watchful based. Many good people do not understand the skill points or one point, and right, and I can not say more than that, so very little red-eye skills colorless, so we need to learn some skills colorless, like 60EX and 70EX skills, as well as Xue Jian, just pile more skills, the surface area, to http://www.dfostock.com achieve the second odd. In the confusion of the elevator, if you want to fast for the second green-eyed monster name, just open awakening, 70EX and skills in various large output, right. No one should use a normal man attack or a small skill bar. Even in this version, it is recommended that all professional players initiative Dungeon Fighters Online waking served (or doubt very elevator O), as well as red-eye if large does not suck skills pit father colorless , both of which were over at that point and said 4. Front skill levels in the pile they also can not blame exceeds DOT thousand numbers, minor injuries, and then how to break a thousand numbers? The answer is the skill level, in an attempt to spread many of the skills and indicate the least, a lot of skill to 5-10 lower, it does not have the power to make up for, oh !! 5 critical, in fact, prior to version 70, and the word belongs to roam and murderer, but is critical to this version, a double upgrade, do not want to force an upgrade, the upgrade damage 1003 to 1000, but twice in injury Upgrade U critical, and it is from 0.1000 to 1500 2000 or upgrade (for a random example), then you will see that again, and each warrior Online Dungeon career ah loaded with features that are no longer there to promote 1:00 or critical point, then yes, mad Cards, but also enhance critical 02:00, and finally, we have physical critical physical and beat back skill points in 15 hours, then is critical; Also, there are many weapons and Online degree of lift tower fighters critical injuries, I saw many people, so critical is worth 6 development. Of course, this version is also to strengthen the value of real estate take Dungeon Fighters Online, but also to promote it on the plate, although the strengthening of the power of thought or upgrade towers from Warrior Online cheaper, but it is not as nice as the above points, and injury thousand least penetrate the numbers is also very difficult.
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