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The MB price is 200K each
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Joined: 09 Dec 2014
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:53 am    
Post subject: The MB price is 200K each

So you will do it for you! For example: You need 5 Savage can do with Article IV, and the MB price is 200K each, then you can place an order for contact technical support 1M to have to tell us what need.This negotiate how safest method of delivery, but it will take more time to complete this entire process. If there are some commands at the same time, you may need to wait some time with patience. Therefore, we recommend the use of insurance to face trade 'way'face while trading you can give us any item or few items as selling their own stuff. We all know that trade is inevitable in the game, as well as a normal trade. We use this method to provide a generation, we have thousands of customers since release. 1.0 in 2010, none of our buyers get banned.You http://www.ffxivmall.com can choose any delivery address you prefer, just contact us through the method of direct support to tell us the way you need, then you will be our generation service.FFXIV professional and friendly is the main currency in the late fourteenth imagination. FFXIV all the players want more than one generation, as in the real world, people want more money. But as players can more generation? There are many ways to earn more Gil in FFXIV, and here we summarize some FFXIV Gil making tips and guidelines, and want to help players have the ability to do more Gil.If just start playing FFXIV or make a new character, and the amount of generation is not very important to you. The main story is a great source of income as well as functional tasks and any other side missions that catches along the way. Players can also mid-level crafters enemies agricultural materials to be used. One of the easiest of which is the real crystals.If you do not find yourself in trouble, you probably spend a lot in the media, you have some options. Some Light can run over and over again, allowing you to generate each time depending on the speed and difficulty of execution, and that can be anywhere in the generation 500-2000. They fall from enemies Sprite which mainly exist in each region. Gear comes at a steady pace and rewards, so rarely need to buy your own dungeon and can be grown at a higher level stuff.When to reach fifty, many possible options open to you to make FFXIV Gil, although it may not be clear once. Pupils and students War Magic enemies may be grown in a similar manner shown above. Artisans always want more material, and thus this is usually a generation of regular savings. Defeat the enemies are not the only way to make FFXIV Gil. Dungeons similar Ampador insure you take TOMS philosophy completion. This highly sought after by skilled craftsmen to create the end game equipment. Individual of these can be traded in more than 50K generation, is betting again on your server. ! Duet acting days pass some cells, and it is unrealistic to gain more than 300,000 Gail some other great tips for quick gain, and small amounts of generation are: players pay for the comfort station! It can make a quick profit by buying items from Parliament and the Council with the market to sell.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:55 pm    
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